Without regular maintenance, your gutters are vulnerable to leaks, cracks, holes, and clogs, all of which can lead to serious issues, and can end up causing more time, stress, and compensation. Unattended gutters will collect leaves, twigs, and other debris, which can cause clogging.

Why does this happen?

Clogged gutters will stop water from reaching your downspouts. This can cause pooling in your gutters, which can lead to sagging gutters or leaking gutters. Pooling water will also saturate the soil surrounding your foundation, putting stress on the sides of your home and causing it to crack. This issue can also occur if your gutters have any cracks, holes, or leaks.

How can I prevent this damage? 

A well-maintained gutter system is essential if you want to keep the roof, foundation, and surrounding landscape of your home protected from damages. 

To protect your home from damages, gutter guards and a well-maintained gutter system is crucial. Your roof, foundation, and landscape can become flooded and impaired, because the role of your gutter system is to catch rainwater running off of your roof. Your gutters then redirect the water to your downspouts and away from the foundation of your home to avoid water damage. Therefore, keeping your gutters clean and well-maintained is imperative to their proper functioning — otherwise, they can easily fail.