Gutter Cleaning is a necessary part of maintaining your home. Having clogged gutters is the number one cause of basement water problems and foundation cracking among all the other problems and damage it can cause. The price of a gutter cleaning is a small price to pay when compared to water damage in your basement, repairing a cracked foundation, replacing wood fascia boards, soffits or roofing, or repairing landscaping, walkways or patio decks. All these home areas can be damaged due to clogged gutters. Regular gutter cleaning can help prevent all this potential for damage and more.

The Basic Cleaning

All the Essentials

  • Gutters are cleaned by hand and the debris is placed in a container.
  • Downspouts are cleaned to allow water to flow properly to drain line.
  • All debris is taken with us when we leave.
  • Paved areas are blown off cleaning up after any fallen debris
  • A visual inspection of the Gutter System, Soffit & Fascia and Roof is performed.
  • Recommendations will be brought to the home owners attention.

The Elite Cleaning

Includes all the items from The Basic Cleaning as well as:

  • Gutter Tune-up – includes
    • Check the pitch of the gutter. Correct where needed.
    • Replace missing Screws and Brackets.
    • Tighten Loose Screws or Nails.
    • Replace Broken Strapping.

The Premiere Cleaning

Includes all the items from The Basic and Elite Cleaning as well as:

  • Includes the removal and cleaning of Gutter Guards.
  • All the Gutters and Downspouts are washed down with clean water (weather permitting)
  • All Gutters are hand wiped after wash down.

Gutter Cleaning Pictures

Gutter Cleaning FAQ's

How often should I clean my gutters?

The amount of times per year you should clean your gutters depends on what kind of trees are in your area. If the trees shed while hanging over your gutters you can expect to clean your gutters up to 4 times per year. Pine trees are often the biggest culprits in causing regular gutter cleaning. If you have few trees around your property, cleaning twice a year is sufficient.

How Much Does Gutter Cleaning Cost?

The price of gutter cleaning depends on several factors including:

  • Number of stories
  • Are ‘Gutter Guards’ in place?
  • Square footage
  • Long reaches or areas that require working over or around obstacles

Every home is different and should be looked at independently of any other home. A ‘one-price-fits all’ quote is not how Russo Seamless Gutter approaches your individual job. We offer the ease and convenience of free instant quotes and fast appointments.?

Do I have to be home for the Gutter Cleaning Service?

You don’t have to be present for your gutter service unless there are pets that need to be put up or areas that you need to provide access to.  That said, if you would prefer to be there while we clean your gutters that’s just fine with us too.

Either way, our technicians always take before and after pictures of the home and the gutters to ensure that each client gets the best possible job done every time.

What happens if it is raining the day of my scheduled Cleaning?

That greatly depends on how much rain is falling and if there is lighting in the area.  We are used to getting wet so a little bit of rain doesn’t bother us. If there is a significant downpour, we will either call you to reschedule or we will wait the showers out.

Can I Pay My Bill Online?

Yes, you can. Your invoice will be emailed to you when your job is complete, and it includes a link to pay it quickly and conveniently using major credit cards. Your invoice can also be printed and mailed into our corporate office with your payment by check as well if it is more convenient for you.



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GUTTER CLEANING October 4, 2019