Get ready for hot summer days with friends and family with these renovations to make you proud of your home!

Curb appeal is a very important part of home renovations, because it is a way for homeowners to show pride and care, while expressing their style. Upgrading your siding or roofing will give your curb appeal and home value an incredible boost. Don’t forget to take a look at your gutters as well, and make sure your foundation and stability of your home is protected.

Soffit and Fascia are a small, yet important thing you can do as a homeowner to improve the appearance and protection of your home. These two elements work together to compliment the aesthetics of a home while also providing vital stability to the homes interior and roofing system.
Here is an example of damaged Soffit and Fascia: 

Replacing or cleaning your roofing can also make a huge difference in your home’s curb appeal this year. As you can see in the two photos below, roof cleaning completely transforms the look and value of a building. Roof cleaning is an important service available with Russo Seamless Gutter. Some companies will try to tell you that power washing rooftops is okay, but this actually can cause more damage than good. This is because the granules that create the protective layer of texture on your shingles are subject to being pushed off by the power washer, causing weak spots in your roofing. Shingles are very soft and pressure should not be used when cleaning. Instead, our Team at Russo Seamless Gutter gently and effectively shampoo’s your roof with a treatment that can be safely applied to kill any existing algae, moss, or lichens for a close to brand new finish.